Hello world, race pigeon lovers and friends of Mr Lietaer,

Welcome to www.andre-lietaer.be !!

Mr Lietaer wants to keep up with the latest technoogy and has decided to bring you all the latest news from the Andre Lietaer loft right here on the web... Fasten your seatbelts now and enjoy this virtual trip through the "Rolls Royce Loft" !!

'News' will bring you... well... some news of course !

'History' gives a brief description of the successful history of the "Rolls Royce Loft".

'Loft - Breeders' contains pictures and more extensive descriptions of the best breeders through the loft's history.

'Loft - Results' will bring some of the latest results during the race season.

In the 'Photo Book' you find a selection of Mr Lietaer's giant photograph album, old and new pictures with family, friends, ...

'Contact' gives everyone the opportunity to call/fax/write Mr. Lietaer or send him an e-mail.

Enjoy your virtual trip through the Rolls Royce Loft & always welcome !!


- Pieter -

grandson of Andre Lietaer